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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Help me pick!

I'm a bit late picking my July photo for my Favourite Photo of the Month 2008 set.

Wedding Dress20080728-IMG_8162Lying Down in the Sun

Poll #1239410 July Photo
This poll is closed.

Which should it be?

Wedding Dress
Pete and the Flower
Lying Down in the Sun
Something Else

If you pick something else, either it's got to be from the photos I shot during July, or you have to provide a working time machine. July's been a pretty low-scoring month for photos for me, I must confess. The bucketloads of rain didn't encourage me to get the camera out.

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The 'Lying down in the sun' one just made me laugh. ^_^

It makes me smile every time I unexpectedly see it on Flickr, which is why it's in the running for favourite :)

The pic of the wedding dress is absolutely brilliant... on many levels :)

I loved it when I saw it, then I processed the photo into something closer to how it made me feel, if you see what I mean. I think it should be an album cover.

I picked Pete and the flower, not just because my Pete is in it, but because I just love the composition, with that big flower in the foreground and the blue blue sky and his orange top and the whole thing.

Mmm, it's big and vivid and fun and I still can't decide and you lot aren't helping by having the votes level every time I look at the poll results and posting three different comments, one in favour if each picture! Bah!

Bah The poll doesnt like me and wont let me vote. Anyway - Pete and Flower, focus nto great but love the composition too

Hmm. Should've been open to anyone at all. Oh well, Pete and the Flower was hands-down winner anyway, so no harm done :)


is quite amusing. You could caption it "Bored now", or "Where's my fish?!"

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