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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Quick Weekend Update

Good weekend, on the whole. Hal and Rowly and little Zach came down to stay on Saturday; we went to the Sands Lebanese restaurant on Queens Road, and it was really great. Even the lemonade was excellent, let alone the food. Must go there again on their Arabian Night, when there's belly dancing :)

Sunday I got up fairly early, saw Hal and Rowly and Zach off, then headed out on a river trip with the ferry company. I took shedloads of photos, and none of them turned out very well. It's difficult to get a good shot including the ferry and anything recognisably river-y. In the end I gave up and just started trying to take photos with no constraints about what I wanted to take, and maybe got a couple of okay ones. Meh.

But the trip was good fun; I've never been that far down the river before; we got pretty close to open sea, and saw the Severn bridge and some huge shipping vessels and stuff. It was pretty cool.

On the way back from the ferry on Sunday afternoon I reached another point I've not experienced before: being fed up with taking photographs all the bloody time.

Yesterday I took a very deliberate day off, from photography and everything else, and just chilled. The most taking work I did was to take the sheets up to the launderette near the Victoria Rooms so they could wash while I had lunch in Borders, then tumble while I read some of a Chris Fowler's Old Devil Moon while sitting under the lovely great tree on the little triangle of grass opposite.

Then I watched Stardust, which was fab.

And now I have a four-day week followed by a four-day weekend. Hurrah!

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You see this is why I don't want to be a professional photographer but completely amateur. I don't want to feel I HAVE to take a picture as someone has paid me to do it. It's the same with cooking, I love cooking for people, but would hate having to do it as a profession because it would sap my joy of it.
I don't mind people buying an image of mine but I don't want to be paid to do it if you see what I mean.

For me, that was one not-particularly great day, whereas in the rest of the project so far I've got some of the best photos I've ever taken. I think photography is probably one of those areas where I could do with being outside my comfort zone every now and again, and that's difficult to do without other people's expectations.

I'll stick with guitar as my would-never-do-it-professionally hobby!

I get like that on some of the get togethers - there's some great photographers there, so my competitive streak comes out, but it can be quite draining. Of course, I usually bring it on myself by not being prepared enough (like ensuring I get a good night's sleep beforehand)

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