Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Walking and Songs and Poetry and Food and Stuff

So. Lake District was fab, and I got at least one nice long challenging walk, followed by a medium easy one, and all the bits of my body held up well, including my previously-poorly foot. Excellent.

I drove back on Tuesday, which took pretty much the whole afternoon, but wasn't too bad a journey. Then a day of work on Wednesday, followed by taking pictures for KTUNK in the evening. Really must get out to the Louisiana more often, I do love it as a venue.

On Thursday evening I should really have just gone to bed, but instead I pulled myself out to the Flickr meet, as it was at the Grain Barge, moored just down the road from me, and is the closest the Flickr meet ever comes to my house. I really was knackered, though, so I just talked to a couple of people in a corner for an hour or two, and left well before closing time.

Friday I actually did get an early night, which was a blessing. I came home, pottered about, then read Larry Niven & Someone Else's Fleet of Worlds until I fell asleep.

Saturday went by in a bit of a blur of sloth. I was going to head out to the Organic Food Festival, but as Bristol chose that morning to pour down a quarter of September's usual average rainfall in the space of three hours, I ended up staying in.

I did manage to drag myself out in the evening, though, and headed for the Arnolfini for my first poetry slam, which was excellent, with some really good poets. Kudos points to Byron Vincent for his delivery of his exceptionally odd poem about Bob Holness, and to Shagufta Iqbal for probably the strongest poem of the evening, about the sounds of abuse from the house next door.

Oddly, Nick Knowles, the bloke from DIY SOS, was one of the judges -- he apparently hates DIY, but has recently got into performance poetry. As I mostly agreed with him, he's clearly a fine judge of poetry :)

And today I hit the Organic Food Festival on the harbourside, which wasn't bad. I came away with some killer stilton, some gorgeous bread and a variety of other bits and pieces. Failed to find organic butter, though. My prize of the Festival goes to the organic ginger and honey ice cream I had, which was completely awesome, although I'm afraid I've failed to remember who made it. Oh well. EDIT: Aha! Having dug through the programme, I can tell you it was The September Organic Dairy Ltd.

It has also been a week of connections. It's amazing how many more people just randomly start talking to you if you've got a pro-looking camera with you at a gig. Plus the lead singer of the second band introduced himself and took one of my cards, so if he likes the photos of his band I took for test shots, that might lead to something interesting. Also, I was looking through some of the photos at my local coffee haunt the morning after, and the new girl behind the counter introduced herself and asked me about them. Turns out that Nuala who served me my coffee (it's pronounced "Noola", and it only took me four attempts to get that straight with my still-ringing ears from the night before) is Nuala of Nuala and the Alchemy Quartet. How cool is that?

So, busy week. Now I've got to spend the rest of today and most of the evenings this week catching up with all the stuff I've not had time to do in the last week. Just about caught up on the laundry, so only about 3,478 things left on the "to-do" list.

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