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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Stuff To Do

This could be a challenging weekend.

  • Tidy lounge

  • Tidy bedroom

  • Do laundry

  • Do weekly review

  • Complete Tax Return

  • Visit Underfall Yard (Bristol Open Doors Day)

  • Visit Old Dock Cottages (also Open Doors)

  • Visit Clifton Rocks Railway (Open Doors, but at least it's open tomorrow, too)

  • Try recording drums & guitar for better version of Stop Jack

  • Shopping -- especially finding somewhere to source good decaf coffee beans now Fresh & Wild's closed down, dammit

  • Rough out design for simple photography portfolio site

  • Watch Mona Lisa Smile</em>

  • Haircut

EDIT: Those Dyson filters don't half get mucky after a few years, don't they? I guess that's why you're supposed to wash them every six months.

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Complete Tax Return
Oh yes, they've got to be in by 30 September now, haven't they? If you don't trust the online submission system (which, having worked in IT, and also having seen HMRC's track record with computer systems, I don't). Cheers for the reminder.

Luckily mine's pretty simple, just straight employment, interest on the odd account and part-time earnings small enough that I can just add them up and put them in the one box on the form... It's getting the round tuits I've been having problems with...

Oh yes, mine's pretty simple too - PAYE from a single employer, plus a pitiful amount of account interest and one tiny deductible (LMS membership) but about twelve years ago they decided I should fill in a self-assessment form, thus dooming me to several hours' frantic P60-hunting on the last Sunday afternoon in January every year since.

You know you can tell them to knock that off, don't you? I was filling those in for a couple of years after I stopped contracting, then someone told me I could just call them up and tell them I probably didn't need self-assessment any more. I did, and they said "fine", and took me off the list. It's only because I've recently increased my part-time earnings that I've voluntarily gone back. (Damn you, writing and photography, for earning me enough to declare but not enough to make it worth hiring an accountant!)

Gosh, I didn't know that - thanks very much, I'll look into it.

That actually wrote back to me after a couple on "null" returns and said don't bother doing a tax return again until your circumstances change.


I was at the Clifton Rocks railway this morning - there were apparently huge queues last year on the Sunday, we had to wait fifteen minutes and the queue was three or four times as long by the time we left. They are only showing you the top station, and that fairly quickly - if you can get onto a guided tour, which they run occasionally, you go right down to the bottom where the BBC recording studios used to be.

Odd, I'd've thought that people would go on the Saturday so they could fit in a few other Open Doors thingies. Mind you, I suppose everyone who goes on Saturday tells all their friends it's open on the Sunday. Ta for the warning, I'll try to get in first thing tomorrow -- maybe enough people will be hung over/in church/whatever for it to be quiet...

I keep meaning to join the Friends thingy they've got, volunteering for tunnel clearing would be worth it if they'd let me take photos at the end of my shift :)

It was fine this morning. Apparently they were a fair bit quieter because the Bristol Half Marathon has meant that not only are half the roads closed, but they've also stopped the buses running.

Fresh & Wild's closed down

Oh no! That was always one of my favourite places to have lunch in Bristol ;-(

Yeah, it's a real pain. It was the only place I'd found I could conveniently get good coffee beans in both decaf and "caf" variations, too. Although someone's told me about a coffee roasters at the top of St. Michael's Hill, which will be worth checking out. Mind you, I might die before I get there; it's been a long time since a walk up St. Michael's Hill was part of my daily routine!

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