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Mona Lisa Smile -- Pollocks.

Meh. Mona Lisa Smile was unlikely to be my cup of tea, but it got on my LoveFilm list somehow -- possibly because of Maggie Gyllenhaal's amazing performance in Secretary. Mona Lisa Smile, unfortunately, was un-amazing. Pedestrian cinematography, schmaltzy music, and characters I didn't care much for.

Still, it had its good bits, and -- Julia Roberts being an Art History teacher in early 1950s America -- it fits in well with my current reading, Jackson Pollock, by Leonhard Emmerling, which I picked up at a secondhand stall by the Watershed last weekend.

There's even a scene where Roberts' art class get to see a Pollock first-hand (no double-entendres at the back, now.) I was only thinking yesterday that I should get out and see a nice big Pollock (seriously, pipe down!) Is there one in London anywhere? I'll be there at some point soon; I should do some research.

But, on the whole, a big meh for Mona Lisa Smile; not a bad film, but it just made me want to rent Dead Poets Society to see whether it's really as much better a film as I remember it being. Oh well.
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