Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Quick Catchup

Thank you, one and all, by the way, for you comments and advice on my employment situation. At the moment, I'm just trying to get through to the weekend, where I might have a bit of time and space to do some proper thinking...

In the meantime, life dashes on. Today I've managed to accomplish something at work. Mostly I did this by dint of picking three things from my infinite to-do list and forcing my boss to nominate the most important one (that took two days and involved him consulting with another manager twice) then shutting off all my inputs as much as I could until it was done. Ho hum.

Then home, and onto the exercise bike. That's going well; I'm only doing tiny amounts, just fifteen minutes each session this week, but that should help get me back into the habit and I'm going to add some extra time with every passing week until I get up to a decent workout. I'm happy to report that Airwolf is, in fact, fantastic, and fine exercise-distraction fodder. But probably only if you were addicted to it as a little boy during the eighties.

Then out to Greek. Bloody hell, there's a lot of words I don't know. And even more since I missed last week's lesson due to Man Flu. This week was the beginning of the future tense (both future continuous, and future simple, which is, ironically, not as simple as future continuous) and introduced a fair chunk of new grammar and a lot more vocabulary. Gah!

I forked out a not inconsiderable chunk of change (just before my savings went missing, natch) on Rosetta Stone Greek, a computer-based language course. So far, -- although I'm annoyed by its copy-protected CD -- it does seem likely to be a pretty good between-lessons practice partner for me, especially as I've not got much other Greek audio material. The lessons seem to be well-paced, there's a lot of vocabulary, and the learning method seems to suit me. Now all I need to do is work it into my daily routine, so I get a good few hours of practice in between lessons. That's going pretty well so far.

Anyway. Then home, to a microwave meal (I really can't be arsed to cook at the best of times, but never when I've had an evening class) and some sandwich preparation for tomorrow's lunch. I'm trying to tighten the pursestrings quite a lot right now, as I'm about to go through Christmas and a snowboarding holiday without a safety net.

Tomorrow I need to think of ways to work some more hours into my days; I think I may be able to wrestle some from the mornings, by slimming down on my incoming RSS feeds, dealing with my email in a more "batched" fashion, and skipping the coffee shop on the way to work.

Anyway. Enough of my rambling. I can do twenty minutes of meditation, then get an early night, I reckon...

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