Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson


I started today with high hopes, but haven't got done the massive amount I had planned. This is fine, though, I've got some things done that had been dragging on (finally double-checked and posted the tax return, tidied up a bit, sent a cheque off to someone -- small, low-energy bits & pieces.)

I also went along to the RWA's autumn exhibition, which is always good. Being in their "friend" scheme I get free entry to their preview day, which is today. Definitely a lot of good stuff this year; my favourite was a street scene called Seven, by Daniel Byrne -- the bottom-right one on his website, here, but unfortunately you can't see it well enough to revel in the fantastic detail.

Also taking my fancy were some wonderful texture pieces (oil & resin) by Ione Parkin, and the interesting mix of realistic portrait subject and stylised wire-frame background in Ben and Charlie by Ben Hughes.

In sculpture, I liked the hierarchical Pile of People by Chris Sherratt, and Penny Hardy's You Blew Me Away, a windblown person sculpted in metal (you can see it on the second portfolio page on her site, but the photo really doesn't do it justice.) My favourite sculpture was probably Persona, by Peter Hand, shown bottom right on his "new sculpture" page. Unfortunately, I didn't have £44,000 on me, so I wandered out without buying it.

(Well, actually, if I had £44,000 hanging around, I'd have bought the Daniel Byrne and saved myself £39,500.)

So. That brings me to this afternoon, where I've vaguely considered doing the photo processing and the weekly review I need to do this weekend, and decided that I'd rather have the evening off and do them tomorrow. Sometimes you just need a break.

So, I'm going to jump on the exercise bike for a bit, mostly because I want to watch the last Airwolf on this DVD I'm renting -- see? the motivation's working! -- and then sit around reading some of Andrew Collins' excellent That's Me in the Corner, a very well-written piece of autobiography from a journalist who ended up editing most of the UK's music magazines at one point or another in his career, mostly while still feeling like a schoolboy who was hoping nobody would notice that he hadn't grown up yet, it seems...

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