Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Five Minute Speed-Updating

Five minutes of update won't do the weekend justice, but it's all I've got.

Went down to ahnlak and kaveypie's on Friday to get an early start on the TFTTF photography GTG (that's "get together", by the way) at the RAF museum on Saturday. Preparations were ongoing when I arrived (i.e. Pete was cooking sausages for the picnic!)

The GTG was fab, lots of cool people, lovely planes to look at, all sorts of other stuff from helicopters to a V2 rocket. Saw many people I'd not seen since the Kew GTG (including Tim, whom I give special mention to because we finally worked out we both actually live in Bristol, so there might be some socialising to be done there!) Everything splendidly organised by Kavey as usual, from the meet-up in the morning to the pub in the evening, by way of prodding people into eating as much picnic food as they could handle :)

Hopefully I got some good pictures, though I can see why someone went out and bought his first flash gun after the last trip there, it was bloody dark. We'll just have to see how I get on when I process them.

Saturday I nipped out to Canary Wharf to visit the Rainbow Warrior. She's a lovely old ship, ironically an old fisher and oil industry transporter, part paid for by the French government as an apology for sinking the last one. She's very interesting to walk around -- since Greenpeace got hold of her they've retro-fitted her with sails in an attempt to cut back on fuel use, so there's the standard industrial-looking control room of an engines-only boat, surrounded by hand-winches and ropes and other saily accoutrements.

Greenpeace as a whole were almost stereotypically how you'd expect the upper echelons of environmental activism to be; ranging from hippies with dreads and names like Sharya to hardened older types who do everything from hardcore diving to combination nurse-and-deckhand. They were friendly and optimistic and sincere and frighteningly well-organised. The tours were fast and we were accompanied by several guides (not surprising if your last boat was blown up by intelligence agents placing bombs in it during a public tour, I guess) but there was lots of interesting stuff. And the RIBs were cool (RIB being a Rigid Inflatable Boat, what's called a Zodiac in some other places.)

I managed to avoid the temptation of having my photo taken on a RIB -- everyone else in that queue was about six years old, so I chickened out -- and headed back to Kavey and Pete's to pick up my stuff, say my goodbyes and come home.

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