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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Fragrant Christmas

Today's organic vegbox unsurprisingly contained quite a few sprouts. It always surprises me to see sprouts in their natural condition, i.e. before they've been hacked off their stalks. Cool. This week, I shall mostly be farting.

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We just got ours too - also had sprouts but the ones that are more beany bit and less sprouty bit. We gave the box of sprouts to our neighbours!
Rest of the box looks great and next week's selection, on the website, even better!

PS If anyone wants a recommendation, let me know - my provider has said we get a bottle of olive oil if anyone signs on and orders following our recommendation.

Sprouts are nice eaten raw.

Sprouts are bloody horrible.
Not evil though, as broccoli is - broccoli is the devil's vegetable.

Mushrooms are not so much God's vegetable as GOD himself.

I'm with Tiff on this one, hon -- sprouts are good. Even raw. They're not anything like as lovely as broccoli, though. Mmmm.

Neither are as lovely as the organic mince pies that I ordered as an extra, though ;-)

You are a sick man. Psychotherapy is indicated.


Hmm, the gnocci with green pesto I made last night has given me really bad wind today. Pity my coworkers.

Ditto. But then, show me a week in which I don't mostly fart.

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