Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Busy week

Last night I was so knackered I went to bed at half past eight and slept right through till 6:30 this morning. It was fab, and clearly something I desperately needed.

Today it's been a busy day at work, followed by acupuncture, then a quick trip home for exercise and dinner while watching Spooks, then out to see the fabulous Rozi Plain playing on the tall ship Kaskelot, currently moored near Prince Street Bridge.

Wasn't too sure about the warm-up guy -- one of those musicians who I can clearly see is good, but who I just didn't like -- but Rozi (plus supporting drummer Rose) was fab, and played lots of stuff from her new album, which I bought afterwards. The venue was pretty cool, too. I'm going back there near Christmas to see KTUNK, who will probably be very loud indeed in the small belowdecks space...

Anyway. I'm taking tomorrow off work, because (a) I need a day out of work, and (b) I have a Greek test on Thursday night, and I intend to spend as much time as I can tomorrow wrapping my head around the past and future tenses and learning as many words as I can possibly learn in a day.

Then on Thursday it'll be back to work, followed by Greek lesson/test, followed by a Flickr meet, then on Friday more work plus the work team dinner. Meh. By Saturday I'll be ready for a day of not doing much followed by a wedding reception, which will be a pleasant break from Having To Do Stuff, and at which I might take some pictures.

EDIT: I must remember to close my tags, mustn't I? Or the entire internet will become a link, and possibly italic, to boot.

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