Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Christmas, pressies, etc.

Nice quiet Christmas. Christmas Eve was probably the nicest bit. Went to a friend's house up in Redland, which is an old bit of Bristol with lovely big houses. She rents a room there, and the whole house basically had an open party for the evening. Was very cool, lots of interesting people, and good food (especially homemade game stew. Mmmm.) May have signed up for a rowing team.

Pressies were good. I think my favourite one was one of those wooden build-it-yourself kit things of an angelfish, which was fun. On the other hand, my mum and dad got me a gorgeous picture in glass with exactly the right colours for my lounge, which may have the best long-term niceness potential.

Today I nipped out to Woolworths and bought myself a pressie. They're doing the Garmin Street Pilot i3 for £145 at the moment, which I just couldn't resist any longer. So now I have satnav. I've just come back from doing a quick tour of interesting-sounding places of interest from its local database. Definitely good potential for random days out. It worked really well, too, even if it did display a disconcerting habit of sending you down twisty little one-track roads, just like when you go somewhere and get navigated about by a local who knows the place really well. You can tell it to avoid single-track roads, I think, but it was actually kinda fun.


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