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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

A Year of Photography

For 2008, I made a resolution to pick a favourite photograph of mine for every month of the year. Amazingly, I stuck to the resolution. So, here's my year of pictures!


Man with crack
Taken in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern. The crack is Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth.


Clovelly Harbour
Clovelly Harbour, Devon. I was walking along the harbour, talking to Benjohn (WINOLJ) when my brain told me I was looking at a good photo opportunity.


Little Zach was just getting the hang of walking.


From the Tips from the Top Floor GTG at Hampton Court.


kaveypie, ahnlak and (I think) BobDave, on the walk out to look at the ruins at Finlaggan, on Islay.


Taken to play with my then-new 50mm lens. Looks best big.


ahnlak, at the Welsh National Botanic Gardens, during this year's group holiday. I liked the colours in this one, and the contrast of the two subjects.


I love the cartoony-ness of this one.


Walk Home 2
Another one that looks best big. This was my first photo to get into (and stay in) Flickr's Explore feature.


SLOW SLOW (quick quick SLOW)
Continuing in the theme of urban black-and-white photography, here's the flyover just around the corner from my house.


Centre Cyclist
...and here's Bristol City Centre. This one definitely works best big. This is probably my favourite from-the-hip shot of the year -- I just _knew_ it would be a good photo, if I could get it, and I got it...


On reflection, it may be that one of my photos of little Zach from Christmas is my favourite photo of December, but for now Thom and Jay from the ferry boat company -- as singer and drummer for metal band KTUNK -- have my vote.

And that's my year in pictures! It was an interesting exercise. Looking back, I'm not sure I'd choose the same pictures again -- my favourites change with time and perspective -- but it's good to see these and remember how nice this year has actually been, given my recent exhaustion and work- and illnes-related downheartedness. 2008 was actually quite fab!

Small disclaimer: there were maybe two months where I haven't picked my absolute favourite, because it's a photo I don't want available to the net at large -- like the commercial stuff I'm doing for the ferry company, for example. But where that's the case, I've chosen a close runner up...

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I love the May photo - the subject, the framing and the colours. But that's a great crop of photos altogether.

I have June, September, October, and November set as changing backgrounds on my computer. It just started out with June, but then I slowly added to it over the months.
Your stuff is quite stunning, and I dig it immensely. I hope to see tons more in 2009!

Thanks! It's good to know my stuff's being used around the world :)

I just had an email to ask my address, because someone has used one of my Creative Commons images for the back cover of his new CD, and he wants to send me a copy of it to say "thanks", which is pretty cool...

The May one is one of my favourites too and not just because I'm in it. It breaks the so-called "rules" (with that huge arrow pointing out of the frame rather than leading one in) but it just works!

November, you already know, is a favourite of mine. October is excellent too. But November, I reckon it's one you should think about entering in photography competitions, not just little local ones but national or international ones. Yes, really.

Oh and I like July too but I'm probably biased!

Thank you! At some point I should start looking around for photography competitions, but I won't have enough time for a few weeks, at least...

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