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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

I'm back.

More words later.

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Cool vid. Welcome back.

Marvellous. Feel good?

Not bad. Especially since taking the Neurofen Express just now. Hopefully I'll be fully self-repaired by next week...

Is that you?
Welcome back!

Yup, it's me. Will try to be more communicative in a bit, but for now it's time to do more laundry and tidy up the mess of unpacking... In the meantime, have a gentle, pain-avoiding {{hug}}.

Excellent video! Looking very smooth. ^_^

Who was filming?

Filming was by Chris. My video looks awful, which in small part is due to my cheap camera, and in large part due to my lack of practice in keeping my body and arm steady while travelling down a hill on a plank of wood :)

I have high hopes for the new image stabilisation feature promised for iMovie '09, and I now have plenty of challenging footage to test it with :)

The joy of technology - David quite liked your camera, I think he's hoping for a slightly better version to come along to be his next one.

Oh, and excellent (audio)book. If you'd told me what it was like I would have told you I wouldn't like it, but it really grew on me and I loved it by the end. Currently reading The Graveyard Book, which a friend lent to me for reading on the plane (I'm in Germany again).

Funnily enough, it was The Graveyard Book I listened to on the way home. Pretty fantastic. The version of Anansi Boys I listened to was read by Lenny Henry, who did an excellent job :)

Oooh - yes. Lenny Henry would be perfect for it! Must try to listen to that sometime.

Only two chapters into The Graveyard Book so far, and although it feels a bit slow it has made me laugh out loud (especially the "taxpayer" argument between the girl's dad and the police). Really well observed.

Is it out as an audiobook already? I thought it was really new (not that I keep up with book releases). I don't know what my time ends up being spent doing, but reading doesn't seem to be one of the things...

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