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Strolling in the sun

Hmm. My feet hurt. Clearly I need to walk more often. And lose weight. Luckily these two goals are related.

Just went out to do a few chores and some shopping. Highlights were:

1) Nipping into Electrofix in Clifton, where I swapped some guitar pedals I've not used for a decade or so for a nice condenser microphone and foot-stand for playing guitar, and assorted other sundries. I and the bloke in the shop basically came to a mutually beneficial arrangement where only electronics changed hands, rather than money. Handy.

2) Going to Blackwell's to pick up a copy of 1001 Inventions That Changed The World. And confirmed that there's another book in the world with some of my writing in it. I've only had a brief flick through so far, but it looks like a fine coffee-table book with good pictures, just like the last one. And the articles of mine I've found are the ones I remember writing and don't have any big, obvious mistakes, which is always good.

Now I'm home, to do as many things that are on my to-list as I can without putting too much weight on my feet.

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