Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Healthy Vegetables

Diet be damned today. I've bought a chunk of carrot cake from the lovely Coffee #1 in Clifton Village, and it's going to be my reward after I've done this here Greek reading assignment and this week's homework.

In general eating-related news, I don't think I've lost any actual weight (I'm not weighing regularly at the moment, it's always a bad idea when you're doing exercise as well), but I do think I'm looking slightly less lardy in the mirror. Hopefully this means I'm swapping fat for leg muscle by dint of my regular exercise-biking.

At some point I'll be able to go buy trousers in normal shops again. And incidentally, if there's this much-vaunted obesity crisis in the UK, how come I can't buy bloody trousers above a 38" waist in any of the shops in Cabot Circus? Credit crunch my arse, if these worried retailers would sell clothes that would fit me, I'd give them my money.

And while I'm ranting, if they're so bloody quiet in all the shops, why can't they use some of their spare time to arrange the clothes in size order, or actually label stuff so that I can easily see what size things are without hunting through every single pair of bloody jeans I like the look of? Ey? Ey?

Oooh, dear, I think I've been listening to Marcus Brigstocke too much. The Now Show is back, by the way.

Anyway. Yes. Summary: exercise good, Greek okay, shopping annoying. And don't mention the "C" word; it's not December yet, so I don't need to start panicking.

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