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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


We had a team "Insights"-y thing this afternoon, basically a friendlier derivation of Myers-Briggs analysis with colour representing the personality types.

It was rather ironic that in the morning I'd accepted in principle the job offer in the other department, meaning that the team may hear tomorrow that I'm not going to be working with them any more.

Anyway, I mention it because one of the exercises was to write for five minutes on the subject "Snowman".

Jan, the HR person (and qualified psychologist) running things told us afterwards that she'd predicted I'd be the one person to write a story rather than a fairly factual description of snowmen and related things. This is what I gave them:

Frosty was in trouble. Frozen to the spot, he watched in horror as the morning sun began peeping over the roof of the school.
What exquisite torture. Yesterday he'd been so grateful to the small humans who had created him, given him the most precious gift of all. And a pipe, too!
But now, forgotten, he could only stand petrified as the first death-rays started warming his head. His straw hat offered little protection as the sun began melting his brain.
The little bastards.

Just thought I'd share :)

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Cool story. Reminds me of the one my brother wrote in primary school about the snowman who came to life. He was a right evil bastard of a snowman, but my brother melted him with a hairdryer and saved the world.

There's a couple of teams in work have done a Business Insights session. I've heard mixed reviews about it. Did you get anything from it?

We didn't get a lot out of it, I have to say. I'm already fairly self-aware and have been through this sort of thing before, so I didn't hear anything surprising about myself.

And I also believe it was a (probably perfectly valid) solution to a problem we don't have. As a department we work and communicate well together; most of our problems are external, or have their roots in resourcing, or in communication with other bits of the company, which wasn't really addressed.

Mind you, I may be slightly biased, as the only member of the team who knew he was moving into a different department two days later, mostly because of the aforementioned problems...

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