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Loose end lazy day

I find myself at an unexpected loose end today. The birthday party I was going to has been postponed because the birthday girl is ill.

On the plus side, I really needed a day without having to go somewhere and do something, and I'd only got half her birthday present. So this is as much a reprieve as it is a disappointment ;) And we can party next weekend.

So, today I've mostly mooched around the house, doing little except fiddle with some home recording. I recently finished reading Guerrilla Home Recording, so I figured I'd pick up that rough cut of a song I did last year sometime and do it a bit more "properly".

So, here's the new version of Stop, Jack. Please excuse the bass; while I own a bass guitar, I only play it about once a year, so I suck. Apart from that, I think it came out okay for a simple song.

Hopefully this will get me in gear for the songwriting course I'll be starting in a couple of weeks!

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