July 14th, 2006

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Art Shoes
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These shoes are a work of art. No, literally. I went down to the opening night of the British Art Show 2006 this evening. The first piece I came across was in the Arnolfini. It looked a bit like a shoe shop, with many shoes on shelves.

I admired it for a while, and then an attendant asked, "would you like to swap your shoes?"

Turned out that it was an interactive piece, and you could leave your own shoes behind for a while, and take a pair of shoes from the installation to wear.

"Please feel free to walk around the gallery, or even visit different venues around town"

Odd, but quite nice. So I left my Converse All Stars behind, and wandered around in J Random Shoes In My Size for a while, including wandering out to the harbourside and having a pint of Magners cider, and taking a photo of the small chunk of art that I was wearing.

I enjoyed this quite a lot, in fact. A bit of a cliche, I suppose, walking around in someone else's shoes, but hey...

So, for an hour or so, I wore these, and left my own shoes as part of an installation in this year's British Art Show. Cool.

This was Adam Chodzko's installation "M-path", by the way....