December 2nd, 2006

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Normal Service...

...has been resumed. I needed a couple of days writing as little as possible, for some reason :)

Today I shall mostly be tidying up my bombshell of a flat. I may be roped in to fix someone's ADSL, too, but I can live with that because they'll ply me with food & drink.

Speaking of which, tonight I'm off to Mike[wot I sit next to at work]'s for a Dairylea and Lambrusco party, which may or may not be okay. Bit of a mixed crowd, some of whom I just don't get on with that well. Still. I do at least like cheese & wine, so it can't be a complete disaster.

Anyway. This weekend I may write up a bit of a NaNoWriMo debriefing for myself in case I'm foolish enough to attempt it next year, and I'm thinking of writing a song, too, or at least starting to write one.

I should also, God help me, be starting to think about Christmas. I hate Christmas shopping, and this will probably be just as traumatic as it was last year. Feh.
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