February 9th, 2007

laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Grr. The complete lack-of-Arctic Conditions continues

I dunno. Last night I loaded all the songs in my collection with the word "snow" in them onto my iPod in preparation[1], but this morning, while it is, admittedly, doing a bit of desultory snowing in Bristol, it's still not settling. Dammit.

[1] There weren't many, actually, but at least I was reminded how lovely Galaxie 500's cover of Yoko Ono's Listen, the Snow Is Falling is. And then stomped the rest of the way into work to The Sisters of Mercy...
laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Whooo yeah!

I'd just like to say that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is a truly, truly wonderful album.

That is all.
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