March 2nd, 2007

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Geeky tech

Just stumbled across the Pen-It. Which is a pen and pad where you can write stuff on the pad with the pen. Not particularly revolutionary, especially as we're talking a paper pad and a pen that writes with ink.

Except for the fact that the paper has a clever pattern of dots on it, and the pen can tell where it is on the page. And has a memory. And a bluetooth connection. So when you've jotted your notes down on paper when you're on the road, you can come back to your computer, wipe the pen across a special "upload now" pattern of dots on a piece of card, and whatever you've written will get uploaded to your computer as vector graphics, on an electronic copy of your notepad.

Now that's just downright funky.

Unfortunately, it's also downright expensive. Damn.
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