April 15th, 2007

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Oooh, free WiFi...

I didn't know Bristol had free WiFi all up and down Park Street. But it does. And in the Centre, too.

I'd ignored the network called "StreetNet" before because it'd been redirecting my browser (like the pay-for ones do) and because it managed to kill Safari very effectively when doing so, hanging it at 100% CPU usage.

However, having done a bit of research earlier on and found out that it was meant to be an experiment in public internet access, I went to Boston Tea Party earlier on, persevered with Firefox, took a short demographic survey, and was happily hooked up for free.

So, now I know I can geek for free and drink strong coffee. And they're open until 8pm. Hmm. I foresee very little sleep in my future.
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