July 13th, 2007

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Douglas Adams

Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing quotes (and links to an mp3 file of) a lecture that Douglas Adams gave in 1998, recently put out on the biota.org podcast which sounds fascinating: "Is there an artifical god?"

I've not got time to read the transcript now, and I'm still downloading the audio, but I figured it would be interesting to enough to people on my friends list that I'd just plain post it before I forgot about it. Certainly the quote from it does, as often the case with Adams, give a fairly clear voice to a few vague thoughts and ideas I'd been having over the last few years.

"So, my argument is that as we become more and more scientifically literate, it's worth remembering that the fictions with which we previously populated our world may have some function that it's worth trying to understand and preserve the essential components of, rather than throwing out the baby with the bath water; because even though we may not accept the reasons given for them being here in the first place, it may well be that there are good practical reasons for them, or something like them, to be there. I suspect that as we move further and further into the field of digital or artificial life we will find more and more unexpected properties begin to emerge out of what we see happening and that this is a precise parallel to the entities we create around ourselves to inform and shape our lives and enable us to work and live together. Therefore, I would argue that though there isn't an actual god there is an artificial god and we should probably bear that in mind. That is my debating point and you are now free to start hurling the chairs around!"
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Okay, so this is twice in one day I'm posting pointers to articles elsewhere on the net. But I've got a good reason for this one, because it's one of mine. Here's my article on WiTricity, which hopefully has a good stab at explaining what all the buzz is about (a) without breaking the explanation of the underlying science too much, while (b) not going into too much detail.

Anyway. I'm going to get through a day's work and then to a hen party, having just brought a pram in on the ferry. I love my life :)