November 29th, 2007

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Cars and SatNavs

The good news is, my car's back, and, as far as I can tell in the dark, it's looking better than it has in quite a long time. I paid the body shop an extra hundred (in a slightly suspicious cash-only deal, but hey) to fix the non-vandal-related scratch that'd been on the driver's door for about eighteen months. Cool.

The bad news is, my Sat Nav unit stopped working on the way to pick up the car.

The good news is that having opened up its car power adapter, I found that this coil had come away from the circuit board. A little fiddly soldering and it seems to be good as new. Sometimes it's good to be a geek. That'll be about twenty quid saved.

Breaking the pattern, happily, in other good news, I've got nine out of the ten articles that I need to get in for Friday in very good shape, and the tenth ain't looking too bad, either. I should be able to finish off everything tomorrow and send them in early, which means I can go out for drinks with my old team on Friday night.

Not a bad evening, all told.