February 2nd, 2008

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Mountains and Aches

I'm writing this in a chalet in La Plagne, which is pretty fab. It's the end of my first day's snowboarding for this holiday, and it went pretty well. A lot of things came back to me fairly fast, and I think I ended the day somewhere near the level of competence I got to on the last trip.

On the other hand, my competence was fine, but I certainly ran out of energy. We went out with a guide from the company running the chalet, and it was good, but it was probably just a little more than I should have done on the first day. It wasn't so much that I crashed a couple of times on the way back to the chalet, more that I just plain collapsed :)

Still, had a bit of a lie down, and the bruises don't feel too bad, and the aches are about the same level as normal, and I haven't managed to do my knee in, so definitely a success.

Nobody seems to have knackered themselves too badly, although Arry managed to fall on his radio and may have done something unpleasant to his rib. Still, pretty much a win, I reckon.

There's aren't any intarnets here, so I'm just going to save these up and probably release them as a flood, if I can be bothered to write enough for a flood :)
laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Boardin' Progress

I've decided to take a day off the boarding today; well, I went out for a while this morning and I was really too knackered and sore to do anything useful, so I just had lunch with everyone else and then boarded back to the chalet.

I don't feel too guilty because my aches and pains were mostly the result of a pretty good day yesterday. We got a coach from La Plagne to Les Arcs (because the Vanoise Express cable that normally links these two resorts is closed at the moment) and spent all day zipping around Les Arcs. I was the least experienced of the crowd who went, but they were happy to look after me a bit :)

It was a lot of fun, and I pretty much boarded until I dropped, getting more used to different conditions, and working on my technique, and getting less scared of humps and bumps, learning to smooth them out a bit. I'm also less scared of long flat bits, or uphill bits, possibly because I'm now not having to use 100% of my brain just to keep upright, so I'm capable of seeing them coming in advance and building up some speed for them. I also have more of a feel for how to keep an edge in, to keep stable over the flats.

But, yeah, it was quite a long day, and pretty tiring, and I had one tumble which fell into the "I'll just stay lying in this snow for a minute or two, thank you very much, no need to get up quite yet" category. I think Chris got that one on video, so there may be an entertaining YouTube posting at some point, along with all the footage he's taken of me falling over getting off chairlifts, the bastard.

Aforementioned tumble twisted my ankle a bit, and I think that's mostly what's causing me gyp today, but in the middle of most boarding holidays I take a day off to recover and give my body a bit of a chance to do some repair work, so this isn't unusual :)

Anyway. I'm all set for a nice quiet afternoon, then we're off for a meal at a nice restaurant, as it's the chalet cook's night off.
laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Not that owwie, but a bit owwie. I managed to wrench my ankle a couple of times yesterday, mostly when getting off lifts badly (I"m not that bad at getting off lifts, but I tend to go to pieces a bit when there are people in the way that I might run over if I don't stop in time.)

I went out for a couple of test runs this morning, and there was no way I was going to survive the day; being on toe-side just hurt like hell, and my turning was really awkward. So, I've decided to call it a day, head back to the chalet, and chill out. Otherwise I'll probably just hurt myself more.

Ah well. It doesn't feel like there's any long-term damage at all, so I guess I did better injury-wise this year than last year :) I'm definitely getting a lot better at boarding, with no major falls and a lot less falling over in general. I'm more confident, especially when there are other people nearby; a piste no longer looks blocked to me when there's a ski school in front of me, because I'm good enough to aim for the gaps now...

Notes to self for next year:

Board: 160
Feet: 0/15
Boots: Salomon 27.5, but see if you can find something with better heel grip
Helmet: 61
...and get some bloody practice turning and stopping and otherwise manoeuvring with only one binding in, because it's ironic only to injure yourself when getting off a bloody chairlift..