April 15th, 2009

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I think I may have become a grumpy old man

So, I went to see Nat Johnson tonight at the Mother's Ruin, a pub I'd not been to before. near St. Nick's Market. Seemed like a nice place, though I arrived way too early (hey, sometimes shows actually start at the time on the ticket, and I didn't want to miss anything...)

But it didn't make me happy. The music happens upstairs, and the upstairs is pretty tiny, and badly laid out for a band/audience combination, with a bloody great supporting pillar blocking a large amount of viewing angle. And the sound was rubbish.

The final bit of cake de-icing was the nattering people who talked all the way through the set. Nat's is a folky kind of music, and quieter in places, where it especially annoyed me. Grr.

I was quite looking forward to hearing Violet Violet, who were on last, and sounded like they'd be my cup of tea, but I just wasn't feeling it by the end of Nat's set, so I came home. Sigh.

Am I officially old and grumpy now?

I wish Nat had the kind of following she did when she was with Monkey Swallows The Universe; they could probably have filled a good small Bristol venue, like the Louie...
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