July 25th, 2009

laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


So far this week, I've:

  • Been asked for one of my photos as a birthday present for someone

  • Fixed a broken, web-browser-less PC over the phone1

  • Been asked to recover data from someone's grandad's dead SD card

  • Edited someone's novel synopsis for submission to HarperCollins2

  • Been asked to do the photography for a work awards evening

  • Worked some more on the Get Running website, and beta-tested a new version of the application

  • Taken up actual running and started a new blog for it.

  • Processed and submitted my best couple of photos for the Worldwide Photo Walk competition

  • Learned a chunk about jQuery

I really need to give up the day job. It just gets in the bloody way.

1 Take note, folks, no matter how much you dislike IE8 and want to go back to IE7, doing a System Restore after installing IE8 is likely to leave you up a certain creek without a certain implement. Although Emily did splendidly when resucing Pete's machine; downloading Firefox by command-line FTP is not easy for the novice...
2 To be submitted at HarperCollins' request, apparently, which bodes well for the novelist in question, I hope.
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