October 25th, 2009

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Yesterday I did very little, apart from finishing off the text of a camera review for my techy-type blog.

EDIT: Oh, actually, one important thing; I sent off the six original photos that the Bristol Ferry Boat Company are planning on turning into postcards Real Soon Now. That'll be cool to see. Nicola there also wants me to pull together enough stuff to do an exhibition at the Ferry Station, their floating restaurant.

Today I jogged 6km up into Clifton and around the Downs, finished off laying out & adding pictures to the camera review and posted it, went to take a picture of the Suspension Bridge for Wikipedia, nipped into town on the ferry for lunch at the Watershed, trogged home via Waitrose, and tidied up a bit with Superman II in the background.

And it's only quarter past eight. That extra hour we got from changing back to GMT seems to have gone a long way...
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