Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

In the quiet of the morning

Mornin' all. Just figured I'd check in, as I have a bit of spare time. Today I take my car in for its MOT, which hopefully won't cost too terribly much. So I'm up early so I have plenty of time to drive it out to the garage; they're going to give me a lift back into town for work, handily.

Anyway. Interesting things are happening here and there. Last night was my second songwriting lesson, which was good. It involved us listening to songs we'd brought in, analysing them for structure, and basically picking them apart a bit. Then a bit of free writing, which I think is going to be a common feature of all the lessons. Next week I think will involve mostly rhythm and groove.

At work this week, someone from the marketing department who'd seen me piddle around with graphics a bit asked me to do a bit of side-work, so for some of this weekend I'll probably be designing the masthead for the newly-retitled company newsletter. If I'm lucky, I'll find out the new name tomorrow; it's still being voted on, apparently (so I imagine something bland will emerge.) That should fit in fairly well with my plans for the next few months, which involve learning a bit more about design and colour and stuff.

Speaking of design and colour, I'm also finally getting around to redecorating my lounge. I've painted it once before, but only in pretty much the same colour it was in before, which was inherited from the previous owner. I quite liked the strong colour -- daffodil yellow -- but I've got a bit bored with it now. So, I think I'll be ushering in a more calming era of white and natural wood for a while. And I'm going to lose the tired old carpet, too, but I don't yet know what I'll be getting instead.

The big nightmare on that score is the same nightmare I had when doing the bedroom -- how to live in one room with all of the stuff from the other room in it for any length of time. And this time it's going to be worse, as the lounge is bigger than the bedroom and has even more Stuff in it. But I shall fall off that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway. I should go get ready to take my Mini up to the garage...

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