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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Decoratey decoratey

I'm taking a dinner break from decorating that should also allow the polyfilla and builder's caulk to dry out some more. Maybe not enough for painting, though. Not sure.

Anyway. Yes, pretty much everything from the lounge is now in the bedroom, but I think it's going to be fairly survivable -- much more so than when it was vice versa. So I can take more time about it, which is Good.

I'm starting to form some vague plans for the lounge other than just "paint it in this nice white-with-a-hint-of-pretension so at least it won't be bloody yellow and blue any more." But I think the finished article is going to be a medium-term thing, tackled in mini-projects and small outbursts of shopping over the next few months.

This week, though, is all about the painting, and so this weekend has been all about the preparation. Everything's out of the room, everything's off the walls, everything's sugar soaped, and everything's polyfilla'd and caulked and otherwise in a good state for painting.

Incidentally, if you have ceilings a few feet above your head, and don't have one of these:

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...then you should probably consider one. I invested in one on Saturday, and although you wouldn't think it would give you much more range, it's far more helpful than a stepladder, because you can get three times as much stuff done up high before you need to move it along. Plus it's easier to move and less precarious.

Anyway. Dinner calls, then if things are dry enough I may get started on the ceiling, with some of that "magic" paint that goes on pink and dries white, another highly handy decorating tool...

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impressive amount of stuff well done


We used that pink->white paint in our book room decorating over Easter. I was very impressed with it, especially when it came to the second coat.

Sadly, it wasn't much use to me just now, on a basement ceiling in fading light. But I remember it being very handy on the radiators last time I decorated.

I'll see whether it needs a second coat in the morning. Hopefully not...

"Incidentally, if you have ceilings a few feet above your head..."

Then you should grab the opportunity to invest in some plasters stilts, instead of something more boring :)

I have been tempted, but they wouldn't be so useful on the walls. Plus I'd need to have the floor a lot less trip-uppable-on than it currently is, with the carpet folded back all over the place. Learning how to walk on stilts is probably best not attempted when carrying several litres of emulsion paint, I think...

Well done! I'm sure it will look much better than the yellow and blue when you've finished. (I've only seen it in photos but even then the yellow and blue thing is a bit overpowering)

Jasmine White by Dulux is a pretty good white-with-a-hint-of-colour. Much cheaper than posh brands and just as nice.

We once did an entire high ceiling above a staircase with a roller on an extendable pole but that only works if you're doing the walls the same colour as the ceiling.


I'd already bought my paint, it's Dulux's "Ivory Lace", which seems pretty nice now it's on two walls.

The colours were strong, and I think the room will seem taller with the dado and skirting painted in white along with the walls, especially as the carpet is/was blue, so the skirting tended to merge into it. That's the idea, anyway.

Still not sure exactly what I'm going to do to stop the white being a bit boring, but I've been looking into reconfigurable picture-hanging systems to make one wall into an easily-updateable gallery of my own photos, which I think will work.

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