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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


I've run out of evening energy this week (probably not helped by doing decorating preparation through most of the weekend.)

So instead of working on the lounge, I've... erm... been working on the lounge. Well, you didn't think I could resist turning decorating into something geeky, did you?

Sketchup Lounge

I'm quite enjoying Google Sketchup. I'd not used it until yesterday, so I guess they're right, it's quite easy to pick up...

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Sketchup is very slick indeed - perhaps the only 3D design tool that hasn't made me want to pluck out my own eyes. I've been very tempted to but the pro version, but I can't really justify the expense.

The real question is: did you crawl around your lounge with a tape measure to make sure that you had all of the dimensions right? (height and depth of the skirting, for example) Did you consider modelling the profile of your dado rail for accuracy?

I didn't crawl, but I at least wandered. The dimensions are close enough for my purposes, but to model my lounge properly I'd have to draw a lot of wobbly and curved walls (as you might expect from a place built in the 1760s, I suppose!)

I did consider modelling the dado rail (and the skirting) but I figure I should refine the big stuff first, before I get all fiddly :)

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