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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Further improvements

In further home improvement news, it was clearly a good idea for me to pick up these three spice racks in IKEA that screw onto the back of a cupboard door and save me lots of hunting when I need to find a particular herb or spice.

On the other hand, when I bought them I'd not envisaged the bit where I had to decant 18 varied herbs and spices from their current bottles into their new homes. I am now sneezing quite a lot, and tonight's dinner will taste of cinnamon and paprika no matter what I cook.


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No asafoetida? I bought some once just to see what it was, but it smelt so bad that I ended up triple bagging the jar and throwing it away.

Nope, none of that, luckily! I think I'd be wary of any herb that actually contained the word "foetid" in its name...

It smells a bit like a cross between rotten garlic and raw sewage. I'm sure someone originally suggested it as a joke and no one wanted to question it.

It's made from tree resin and does indeed smell quite foetid when raw, though it loses much of it's pungency when cooked. It's used a lot in Indian cooking because it reduces flatulence - and if you live on vegetables and pulses that is a Good Thing (TM)!
It can be omitted from most recipes without much impact, though it does add a little something, so my mum says.

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