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So, a pretty good day all round. It started with me reading this month's copy of .net magazine, and finding that the email I'd sent them in protest about them slagging off Hudson Hawk in their opinion piece last week had been printed on the letters page, which was nice.

Then the concrete screeding guy turned up at half past eight and done by half past ten (picture here), leaving me with a free day off.

So, I went into town on the ferry. Had a nice lunch from my friend Emmeline's cafe in St Nicholas Market...

...and bought an iPhone 3G S. Erm. What can I say, I was just cleaning my credit card, and it went off. And also, my contract with Vodafone ends this month, and my fscking N73's been crashing again, so it seemed like a sensible idea.

Then I came back home, again by boat, and I've mostly been lazing, while occasionally watching some of the excellent Harvard Extension School's podcast lectures (if more of our lecturers had been like David Malan, and also concentrated as much on the practical side of things, I'd probably have paid more attention at Warwick. On the other hand, maybe not; I was a bit of a waste of space back then, academically-speaking...)

And that's been my day. That, and having to resist the temptation to go make footprints in the perfect-looking wet latex screed.

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