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Web design

I've been a little quieter than usual recently. Mostly that's been because my friend Ben asked me to knock up the marketing words for an iPhone app he's about to release. And that turned into putting together a quick website for app, too (a stopgap until he can have a proper designer do it, basically.)

The app is really cool; it's a talking coaching program for beginner runners. It takes you through a nine-week exercise plan and talks you through every run you do, alternating walking and running, and actually talking to you while you run to let you know when to run, when to walk, when to warm up and cool down, and stuff like that. (It's a real human talking, too, there's hundreds of samples.)

So, that's been quite interesting. I've been trying to learn a lot about web design over the last year or two, and mostly it seems to be paying off. Certainly there's a lot of things I couldn't have done in the short timescale we were working to without the studying, reading and listening I've been doing. Even if I've not known the exact thing I want to do, I've at least known enough to ask Google fairly precise questions.

The one thing I'm not great at yet is the actual graphics, the pretty pictures and all. I'm getting a better eye for colour and texture, and I can definitely tell good web design from crap web design when I see it, but producing it from scratch is another matter. My drawing skills are pretty rudimentary, and I flounder a bit when trying to bring a design together in any way. And my typography needs work, too.

Still, the graphical stuff is the stuff I've practised least, so I'm not going to expect too much of myself. And one of my Big Three Things at the moment was meant to be practising graphics stuff so I improve, and playing with this website has checked some boxes on that score.

Anyway. It's Ben's birthday in about twenty-five minutes, so we're calling the website "good enough" for now, so I should have a bit more time for updates here. Or maybe even socialising, or something...

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