Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson


It's been a nice relaxing day. I needed some time off, so I lazed about this morning, then headed into town for some lunch and some shopping, then came back home, basically. I've done some laundry, I've watched some TV, and that's about as interesting as it's been.

I did try to go to the Bristol Wine and Food Festival, but it turned out to be £10 to get in. As I don't drink, and really my main plan had been to go there to have lunch and maybe buy a few things that took my fancy, £10 seemed a bit steep. I certainly wasn't alone; there were plenty of other people wandering back away from the ticket office, slightly surprised and mildly tutting.

I might have taken a punt on it if my £10 had let me go back in tomorrow for lunch, too, but they'd thought of that -- weekend tickets were £15.

I guess they've made a decision to keep out all but people who are definitely going to buy lots of stuff, which would make the £10 look fairly insignificant. As it is, that'll buy me a few lunches, and there are plenty of good places to get excellent food in walking distance that don't charge for entry -- St. Nicholas Markets springs to mind -- so I just couldn't justify it. Ah well.

So, I ended up getting take out from a coffee shop on Park Street and lying in the sun on Brandon Hill reading Seth Godin's Purple Cow. A good book, marred slightly by my not being American, and thus not recognising, or even understanding, some of the examples of marketing and products that he gives.

Anyway. So, apart from that, and putting a very few minor touches on that website for Ben's iPhone app that I've been working on for a week or two, a very lazy day.

Tomorrow I will either get my lounge looking slightly more like a lounge and less like a waiting room that someone's stacked some cardboard boxes in, or try to write a song. Possibly both...

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