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I woke up a bit early today, so I figured I'd do a quick update. Some of this some of you will already know from that earlier update I did, but it was long and rambling and I'd not processed the photos yet. This should be a better summary :)

Had a pretty good weekend, all told. The dawn launch at the Balloon Fiesta on Friday was great, and makes up most of the photos here.

Then a long day at work, followed by doing the photography for a Customer Service Awards evening (also for my work.) That was a little frightening, as it needed flash (the lighting in the wine bar was nonexistent) and I'd only bought my first external flash gun the week before, and only practised for half an hour in my living room. But I got some good photos, and yesterday several people, most of whom I'd never met, came up to me at my desk or in the kitchen and told me how much they'd liked the photos. So, that was nice, and I only had a bit of trouble getting my head through the door on the way out.

Saturday I did nothing -- hardly surprising, after my pre-dawn-to-late day on Friday, which I worked out included about ten miles of walking. Well, I got out for a run, but that's all I did.

Sunday I was a bit more energetic, so I wandered back up to the fiesta. I didn't stay for too long -- lucky, as I would have burned to a crisp, because I forgot my sunscreen. Why the heck wasn't anyone selling sunscreen, anyway? All those stalls, and someone was missing a trick. "No, thanks, I'm not very interested in buying double glazing, especially from a stall at a balloon fiesta on a hot day in August. Do you know anywhere that's selling sunscreen?"

But I stayed around for a few of the non-ballooning events -- a local reservist display, some model plane aerobatics, and the RAF Falcons parachute display team, hence the picture above.

It was a long weekend, but a good one. This week I've not managed to summon much energy, though. But I've got Friday off, and I don't need to do too many things this weekend. Hopefully.
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