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Too Much Stuff

I did almost nothing this weekend. Well, not entirely true; yesterday I wallpapered a wall in the lounge1. Not convinced it works, yet, but it may be just what I need to set the tone and get the rest of the room up and running. And it does stop the room being a Big Off-White Box.

But apart from that, buying some running shoes on Saturday, and doing a couple more of the C25K runs, I did nothing. It felt like I needed to. I'm glad I've got a couple of weeks off in a row coming up, even though I've still not actually decided what to do with them yet. I think the first several days will mostly be spent doing very little.

My noisy upstairs neighbours were away, and the whole area's generally quieter on Bank Holidays, and I enjoyed the peace, especially getting through most of The Kraken Wakes in the quiet of my living room on Sunday evening. At some point I will probably take up some hobby or other that gets me back out into the world a bit more, but for now I seem to be enjoying my own company well enough.

That's about all there is to report. Tonight I'm going to finish off the last few pages of Wyndham, and then start processing those wedding photos.

1My first experience of wallpapering. Goodness, doing the edges is fiddly. Need to do some tidying up and maybe a bit of touching up with some similarly-coloured paint in a couple of places. And I almost ran out of paper, too.

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