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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Strikes me I've been putting off updating for ages. This is partly because I was on holiday and away from a keyboard for a while, and partly because I've had the impression I should play catch-up and blog about everything that's happened since the last update.

This is clearly pretty unrealistic, especially given the amount of free time I've got at the moment.

So, I will probably revisit some of this in detail, but for now here's the precis:

First week off, hung around doing bugger all until I felt vaguely human. Second week off: Devon, Steve, beaches, whistle-stop tour, tramping around Dartmoor, finishing in Paignton. Then kaveypie and ahnlak's anniversary party, much natter. Many photos taken.

Back to work, finished the Couch to 5K plan (so can now actually jog for 5km without stopping; have impressed myself), finally unwound and cheerful enough to start tidying the flat properly, finally ordered new sofa.

That brings us all the way to Saturday. Yesterday I went for a jog, trying to see just how hard going uphill is (answer: very hard), and then met up with the Bristol Flickr crowd for a walk around the harbour. There were model speedboats, which were cool:


And that's about it.

As I said, I'll be going back and filling in some stuff, plus processing a boatload of photos, plus finally saying thanks to a certain spongebobjess who sent me something way cool just before my holiday which I've still yet to take photos of (or perhaps video would be better? Hmm...) plus, of course, whatever stuff happens from now on. Gah.

Can somebody slow the world down a bit, please? I'm getting dizzy...

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Well done on the running, sir! if you fancy doing a 10k in the spring, let me know.
The hills used to kill me too - i found that fartlek training improved my performance considerably. Fartlek (it means "speed play" in swedish) involves jogging at your normal pace, then every 3 minutes or so increase your effort (either speed or uphill) for a couple of minutes until you're breathing hard, then ease off and let yourself recover. It builds on your anaerobic ability and teaches your body to deal with lactic acid.

I've now tried some hills round here that aren't actually vertical (seriously; that first route I tried actually has special non-slip pavement and a handrail...) and I did better. Hopefully now I know I can do the long big hill up to the Downs that'll give me an incentive to keep getting up there and build up to a 7 or 8K run with a nice big hill at the beginning.

I've looked into Fartlek, but not tried it yet. Although I've noticed I do have occasional urges to put the pedal to the metal anyway, so maybe I should just trust my instincts :)

When's the 10k? And how serious is it? I was hoping for something where I knew there'd be a few people in gorilla costumes, rather than a bunch of serious runners, and me...

Thank you so much for coming to the party, and especially all the kind help setting up and tidying up! MUCH appreciated.
Can't wait to see photos!

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