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Lloyds TSB

"We've noticed that our records show we cannot keep in touch with you about upgrading your account or other products and special offers that could benefit you financially..."

Gah! Can't they take the bloody hint? I've told them I don't want to have spam posted to me, and I've ignored the last three of these sodding letters.

I'm guessing they simply don't have a list for opting out of the "we notice you've opted out" letters.

I know it's only a little thing, but I really wish they'd get a bloody clue. The last time they kept sending me crap I didn't want -- those annoying credit card "cheques" -- I complained several times, then finally cancelled the credit card because it seemed the only way of stopping them. I'm with Mint now, who don't send me credit card cheques, advertising, or pleas for me to change my mind about the advertising.

Now, I'm not going to move bank accounts because of something like this, but it's certainly putting me off buying any extra products from Lloyds. Especially as it's my bloody money they're using to print and post this crap to me both as a customer, and now as a taxpayer...

Okay, rant over. Sorry.

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