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Frozen Morning

Today I think I shall mostly be staying indoors. I've got some web work to do, anyway. And going out involves going either up or down the a big hill, some of which I managed to slide down on both feet at once yesterday, which was mildly disconcerting.

So sod it, I have food and I may be able to hold off the desire to wander up to Clifton Village for my traditional weekend coffee and cake until tomorrow, when it's meant to be snowing again. If I'm going to risk life and limb, I'm going to do it when I've got the chance of taking the nicest photos, at least.

Had to walk to work yesterday, as the ferry service was suspended yesterday until at least the end of the weekend. The harbour's freezing completely over at night, and while the big metal ferry can smash its way through okay, that risks damage to the wooden boats moored all the way along the sides, so they're not chancing it.

Although this isn't the most thrilling video, it gives you some idea of the freeze, especially if you know Bristol:

And here's a photo of one of the more surreal moments from yesterday, a swan walking across the surface of the harbour, unperturbed by the oncoming icebreaker...

Morning Folly

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