Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Favourite Photo of the Month

But first, an update: I'm okay, although a bit tired and eating a bit too much these last couple of weeks -- these things are inextricably connected with me; the more tired I am, the more I eat to compensate for it. I'm going to be using a chunk of Easter to start the necessary motion for finding a new job, as I won't stand it at the current place for much longer.

Apart from that, things are good. My dad is coming out of hospital, albeit on a trial basis, tomorrow, so him and my stepmum should be at home over Easter (it being Easter weekend this weekend in Greece, too -- it doesn't always coincide with ours!)

So. Hopefully this weekend, I'll get a chance to catch up on some sleep, clear out some much-overdue things from my to-do list, and generally relax a bit while getting enough done to head me in the right direction...

Anyway. Yeah. Photos. My favourite photo this month is this one, "Crisp Walker":

Crisp Walker through to view large, on black, which suits it.

Although there were a few runners-up, in the shape of "Catch", "Ripple Path", and "Belting".

More when I've had some sleep, and stopped having too much to worry about to bother with blogging via anything but the short shallowness Twitter...

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