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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Breathing Space

Recently, my life has felt like the far end of the first graph in this fine blog post.

But the last few weeks have been a bit of a turning point, it seems. I've managed to get my email back under control. I've been spontaneously getting stuff done that I should have done ages ago.

At some point, I might even get around to finishing off redecorating my lounge, which has had that "basically done but just enough to live in rather than to feel like a home" look for about a year now.

Remind me not to take on any more spare time work, okay? I apparently have enough I want to do already, and not enough time to do it, so the responsibility of having someone else pay me money to spend time doing stuff for them is absolutely not what I need.

I need time far more than I need money.


Anyway. So. Yeah. I've started to take bits of holiday here and there to get myself a bit more "sorting stuff out" space. I took Thursday and Friday off last week, and basically did nothing for four days.

Although when I say "nothing", that includes going for a 13-mile run on Thursday (although I walked the last mile, to be honest.) But at least that meant I could pretty much eat what I liked for the next few days -- a half marathon entitles you to a fair few extra calories. And at least I'm fairly sure that I don't have to go overboard on the training for the actual event in September. If I can get nearly through it now on a course with a massive bloody hill, then I'll probably manage it fine on the flat.

But, yeah, with a few days of doing nothing behind me, it finally feels like I'm emerging from the other side of this whole load of STUFF TO DO and will actually have time to get some fun stuff as well as some STUFF I MUST DO done.

Oh -- and there is STUFF I MUST DO that is also FUN STUFF, which is to thank spongebobjess for this fine picture, that arrived ohmygodquitealongtimeagoreallybugger, erm, a while back (sorry Jess!) all the way from Minneapolis :D

It's a gorgeous skyline taken, apparently, from nearby an establishment known oddly as the Electric Fetus. Which is, of course, a record store. Erm.

So, yeah, like I said, finally entering back into the world of the living.

It's a shame LJ has suffered so much. Partly this is because one of the things I've been doing to sort my head out has been Morning Pages, which takes some of the crazy out of my head and puts it somewhere private, rather than having it pop up here as normal. Another part of is is that I quite like writing big long posts, rather than little tiny ones, and that takes time. And Twitter is absorbing some of the tiny tiny things I might pop up on here as one-liners, too. Hmm.

I'll have to have a think about how to sustain LJ, because I really do like it here, and it seems a shame that I've just disappeared for the last few months :(

Anyway. All for now. More later. I'm taking this Friday off, too, so maybe I'll manage a weekend post...

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Apparently, it is possible to loudtwitter just the stuff that isn't @ someone. This means we'd get the one-liners without the half-a-conversation thing.

Although you should bear in mind that occasionally, someone will want to reply to the post on LJ.


Hello! Long time no see, by the way :) *waves*

Nah, for me, Twitter is Twitter and LJ is LJ and there's not enough overlap in the way I use them to make much sense to do any kind of auto-gatewaying. Twitter seems more local, and much more real-time than LJ for me, so vast swathes of it wouldn't be that relevant. Also, I'm guessing anyone who would enjoy what I do on Twitter is probably already there...

Fair enough. I'm not on Twitter because I fear the life-suckage of getting into multiple networks. Maybe if I ever end up with a smart phone.

Also, are you going on the group holiday this year? If not, we must do something about not having seen you in ages.


Always nice to hear from you, by whatever route.

And if you're too busy doing stuff to write on LJ about it for a bit that's fair enough. I've been the same myself recently. (no 13 mile runs in my case though - that's very impressive!)

love and hugs,


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