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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Still Life

Monkey Monkey

My art teacher said the monkey was sinister. Most of the rest of the class thought it was cute. Current theory is that the art teacher had a bad experience with a monkey when he was young.

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LOL, I know what the teacher means!! At first glance I thought it was a monkey with a backpack of knives on its back - I think I need professional help and not in a Charlotte Church kind of way! Well, maybe from her boyfriend but that's another story.

If you need professional help, so do I... I thought he was carrying a backpack of cutlery myself! The monkey himself is definitely cute though!

So, um, what is that stuff on its back? (One definitely looks like a cutlass...)

Monkey (cute) and vase of, hmm, tulips? Nice use of shade. You're good at this.

Of course, there is a hint of "monkey with golf clubs in backpack" about it, but that's because I've got a vivid imagination.

Tulips, indeed -- well, a mixture, but tulips at the top, anyway. It would have been a lot easier to show with colour, but I didn't get that far...

Actually, I'm glad they were tulips, because I reckon it must be quite soul-destroying to be told, "yes, lovely daffodils" when you've spent ages working on roses, for instance!

What is growing out of the monkey's head?

Yes, it's not often you see a stuffed toy monkey propped up in front of a vase of flowers, I'll grant you, and the photo of the drawing didn't come out too well; it's easier to tell in the original, honest!

My vote is 'cute'. Am I allowed to buy your drawings? :o) I have a notion that it would match the colours in my bedroom...

At the moment, I'm hanging on to them all so I can see how I'm improving as the lessons go on. The better ones I'm framing and sticking on the walls here, and that's as far as they're going right now...

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