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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Favourite Photo of the Month

I haven't had time to process my photos from Lake District group holiday jaunt yet. Which is probably just as well, as it's been a hard choice this month without adding more stuff into the mix.

I quite liked these three contenders. First a snap of my iPhone and magazine as I whiled away a lazy afternoon on Brandon Hill. I guess the fact that I was reading Black Static probably set the mood:

My Afternoon

Then there was a colourful antidote, deliberately staged in my front room after I bought some Plasticine:


And continued experiments in colour this month included this fiddled-with scene from the Bristol harbouside:

Wall, Ring and Chair

My favourite experiment in the month was this triptych, I think only the second I've ever attempted, which I put together on a sudden whim last thing at night. Most of my creative moments appear to be a ruse to stop myself from actually going to bloody bed.

Three Step

But, on reflection, I think I probably have to disqualify that on the grounds that while the triptych was put together this month, I think at least two, and maybe all three of the photos were actually taken earlier.

So, that leaves this shot of a couple of lads checking their shopping list outside the Rock Shop in St. Nicholas Markets, which I grabbed while having a drink with my friend Emmeline at the market pub opposite. And this, therefore, is July's Photo of the Month: