Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Full Week

It's my cousin Nick's wedding tomorrow, in Bristol, handily enough.

My parents turned up earlier than expected from Crete, staying with aunt and uncle in Thornbury, so after a call from them on Monday night I nipped across there and got fed, which was nice. They also came around to my place yesterday afternoon, and treated me to dinner at the exceptionally nice Persian place just down the road -- technically, I think, my nearest restaurant, and it's a shame I hardly ever set foot in the place.

As a result of Monday's trip, I seem to have inherited my dad's brother-in-law's dad's Olympus OM-2, which I have just got working. I reckon there will be enough photographers at this wedding, including the official bloke and my dad, so I figured I might just shoot 36 exposures of actual film and see what comes out. The OM-2 came with a lot of lenses, including what looks to be a nice 50mm f/1.8, and I reckon that should do nicely...

So, in between working and seeing my parents and buying the odd thing for the wedding, it's been a bit busy. Then tomorrow it'll be the wedding, then the reception, somewhere out towards Chippenham, apparently. I'm staying at the hotel so I don't have to think about driving back when it's late and I'm tired.

Then I can hopefully have some downtime on Saturday, because on Sunday it's the Bristol Half Marathon. Ulp. Assuming I survive that, I've taken Monday off to recover. I may have to pre-prepare a few supplies to aid my recovery, and so I don't have to walk very far that day. I may just sit in a bath for quite a lot of the morning, assuming I can move...

Anyway. This month's Favourite Photo of the Month turns out to be one you've already seen, from the Balloon Fiesta, although another one, of my morning coffee last Sunday, came a fairly close second.

Maybe catch you all on Monday :)

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