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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Square of Matt Progress

Though I've been a bit tired and busy this week, and have skipped a few days, I have now finally made it up to 256 daily pictures on DailyBooth. The 256 is significant not just because I'm a geek, but because the full view of the The Rather Odd Square Of Matt is now properly square for another day or so.

Just keep hitting "More Matt", if you're not too disturbed by it :)

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That is great! I wonder what a Square of PANTS would look like? ;)

Pretty cool, I'm thinking :) I had to hand-roll that from scratch, though. DailyBooth is great for collecting the photos, but it's not doing much creative with them yet. They've promised that video is coming at some point, where you can do a stop-motion of all your pics, but it's not arrived yet...

My final one had an extra pic at the bottom?

Pretty cool though *&)

Yeah, I noticed that a little while after posting. Odd, as there's 256 photos on my DailyBooth stream; they definitely start numbering from one. The Square of Matt™ is based on a grab I do to my own servers, though, so something must have got out of step at some point. One of those mes is a duplicate, I'm guessing... *goes off to look*

Aha! No, it was my maths, combined with not remembering how I'd set the limit on the web page. That last page is actually 17*15, which is why there's one left over. The image before is 16*16 :)

I might change to limiting it at the highest square number that's full of pictures, that's more tempting now there's more than 49 of them (which I think is when I started fiddling with this thing...)

That's great - clever idea.

:) I'm finding the daily photo thing relatively fun, though not quite managing to keep up every single day. My original intention was to stitch together a video, which I might try at some point...

One Matt is a "square of Matt" thumbnail (shows up on 8x8) ?


Yes, that's right. Those are two I did before at earlier square numbers, and self-referentially added to DailyBooth:


Worth visiting just for the source comments :)

"it's an arbitrary number, but it's an arbitrary number I picked for a reason"

My source comments are fairly legendary in the IT department at work. You should see the stuff that I know *isn't* going to end up on a public web-page...

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