Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Snap Update

Thanks for voting on my last survey, everyone. Although Balance got a flurry of last-minute votes, Near. Far. was the winner, and is now my November photo of the month.

As well as still going back to process September's photos, having nipped out on the Bristol Flickr Christmas Walk yesterday, around our rather frozen harbour, I might have to go back and change my choice for December as well, because I thought this one was pretty nice:

On the Rocks

In other news, had a very nice Christmas with my adoptive family in Swindon; it's possible that the only way to properly enjoy Christmas is to borrow someone else's children if you don't have your own... But now happily back in Bristol for a week off alternately chilling out and getting much-overdue house tidying/DIY/minor decorating done.

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