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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Just heard that today is the day there's a ruling on whether charging blokes more for car insurance is a form of sex discrimination.

My first thought on hearing this was, "D'uh! Of *course* it's a form of sex discrimination. But that doesn't actually mean it's a bad -- or even unfair -- thing to do..."

But then perhaps I've been blinded by being in the insurance trade for so long. It's been about fifteen years now, come to think of it...

What d'you think, people? Should it be illegal for insurers to charge women less for car insurance because they cost insurers less?

What about my line of work? Is it a *bad* form of age discrimination to charge an eighty-year-old more for medical insurance than a twenty-year-old?

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so in summary is science unfair -yup it is one of the few ways in which we as a species might be evolving much better if we speed up the devolving

this is absolutely barking and I can't believe they won't sort it out before Dec when it is due to come in otherwise I see the dole queues being added to be a whole load of actuaries

as most of my pension is final salary I don't even get that benefit - madness


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