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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


I think I'm finally coming down with the cold that the rest of the office seem to be just getting over. Damn. Thought I'd missed out on that one.

On the plus side, I have lemsip, two boxes of tissues, and about 20 hours' worth of films queued up to watch. Could be worse.

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Poor love... wrap yourself up in a duvet and indulge *hugs*

See, I can be nice when the mood takes me - must be the other 38% coming through :)

I've been lurgied up for the last few days and been through so many tissue boxes I'm genuinely feeling guilty about the environmental impact.

Went through lots of vicks and huge huge huge amounts of Nivea moisturising cream too!

Weekend spent ignoring huge to-do list and watching recorded wildlife documentaries on TV...

Thankfully a bit better today.

Feel better soon, hon.

Hopefully I will feel better soon; it came on pretty fast, so maybe it'll leave fast, too.

Incidentally, I highly recommend Happinose, which is a little tube of stuff which is basically mentholated vaseline, and seems to be the only thing which can stop me looking like Rudolph by the end of a cold.



Ours came on fast too - Pete's came on the day after we got home from visiting the Mapes - I wonder if he caught something from Snottie Lottie? :o) I got it from him one day later...

Oh, and I haven't used Happinose but we have this nasal spray decongestant that is so effective it makes my nose hurt - I use it only before sleeping to make sure I can actually breathe during the night.

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