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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Oh dear.


I’m sitting leaning back in my big chair, with my feet up. I’m wearing combat shorts, Caterpillar sandals and a shirt with an allegedly-witty slogan on it. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse on my lap, my widescreen monitor is turned towards me at a rakish angle, and I’ve been using them to do some Objective C programming, while listening to a podcast -- in which I was mentioned by name -- and downloading a beta version of Skype. Oh, and I just flipped over here to do a quick LJ update.

So, yup, I guess it’s true. I am now a completely stereotypical Mac geek.

That didn’t take long.

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Darling, you were a stereotypical Mac geek even before you had a Mac! :o)

Sounds good to me. Nowt wrong with being a geek!

what's the 'allegedly witty' slogan btw?

It's the one that just says, "How terribly rock and roll!"

Are you forgetting that Geeks will inherit the Earth?! Sit back and look smug is what I say :)

Sounds like it suits you!

Heh - I'm sitting here with my 30" widescreen LCD monitor playing World of Warcraft (it's lush) (WinXp64), typing into my 3rd pc (WinXP) on a 17" LCD monitor. I don't dare switch my second PC (WinXP) on for fear of meltdown..., but from here I could rule the world! Mwahahahahhaah! Mwhahahaha!! Mwahahahhah, cough splutter, cough....

Bill owns my soul.

You totally ignored the 'MS DOS - Just say no' t-shirts didn't you?!

RuthJ (looking at the 2" screen on my Treo)

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